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Gold Standard is a cutting-edge Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic. We have three clinics, located at the Burgess and Kiladagan GAA facilities as well as in Newport in The Workshop Health and Fitness Centre. Gold Standard is a passionate private practice. Our job is a privilege and one we take very seriously. Our goal, always, is to deliver the very best care to our patients, using the very best skills, knowledge and treatment methods. We’ll take great care of you and use all of our experience and knowledge to get you to where you want to be, and reach your goals!

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Where It Began

Gold Standard Physio started in Cian’s own home parish of Burgess, back in 2012. It was founded as a facility for the local community to get the best physiotherapy treatment and health advice. And a decade later, we strive to improve the exact same mantra, albeit with a bigger team of physio’s, and a few new tricks of the trade learned since.

Cian named the clinic “Gold Standard” back then, because in the medical field, Gold Standard means that the most proven and best methods are being used, and that the standard will always be raised as more is being learned in the medical and scientific literature.


We have a team of 7 in Gold Standard, with 5 of those being our physio’s. The team is a constant evolution of expertise and experience, as we adopt the philosophy of “always be learning.”

Cian insists that all our physios are made of the right stuff, to show a true level of social conscientiousness, an obsessive level of learning in the field, and true grit to grind out the best for their patients.

Our job is a privilege to be able to help those who are unfortunate enough to be suffering from pain and injury and to help them to get out of the pain, fix the problem, and find a solution to their physical ailments.

The trust and responsibility that our patients have given to us, is not lost on us. And it’s one we take very seriously. We try our hardest to leave no stone unturned in giving you the best professional treatment and advice as possible.

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Our Aim

It’s actually quite simple. It’s to leave our communities, our friends and our families in a much better place due to our influence on them. That we give the community the treatments and tools to get them out of pain, improve their physical and overall health, and to maintain the lifestyles they want all through their lives.

The better we do our job - the healthier our patients are.

The healthier our patients are - the healthier the community.

The healthier the community, there is no stopping what we can all achieve.

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