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Strength & Resistance

One of the most important aspects of Exercise is Strength and Resistance, as we need our muscles to be strong, resilient, and robust.

Improved aesthetics, increased athletic prowess, greater power in yourself, strength for your day-to-day living, long-living, strong bones, great joints - you name it - our expertly crafted Strength & Resistance classes can help you achieve it.


Cardio is how our heart pumps blood to our lungs, to get oxygen and then gives it to every muscle in the body (essentially getting the diesel to the engine).

This is VITAL.

Our bodies need to rev up a few times a week to keep the pipes clean. No matter what age you are, this is important.

The more you can pump, and the longer you can keep your heart pumping, the better your body works, the better your head works, the more calories you’ll burn, the better you’ll sleep and the better your mood will be.

It’s a no-brainer really - a good cardio workout has to be part of your weekly workout.

Crossfit Exercise
Medicine Ball Workout

Functional Circuits

This is where you mix your strength and cardio, combining traits to learn how to use your body in a way that translates into your normal day-to-day living. With a series of different combinations of movements, your body will become more capable than it has ever been.

We have designed whole classes focusing on core, hips and thighs, floor work (amongst much more!) so you’ll find a new way to work your body every week.

Gold Standard
Mobile App

The specially developed Gold Standard App is what ties the package together so that you never miss a beat.


It's where you will be kept up-to-date with Timetables, Home Exercise Programmes, Yoga, Pilates, and much more.


You will also have the opportunity to view recent Q&A’s, Information regarding your Health, Tracking Features alongside gaining direct access to your Gold Standard Physiotherapists / Performance Scientists.