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Sport Injuries

Possessing a sports-mad team (all of whom have competed at very high levels of play), Gold Standard's Physios can truly relate to their sporting patients and clients. Understanding the many demands that are placed upon an athlete's body from both a practical and a theoretical point of view, our ultra-modern, dynamic approach has been utilised by many top-class professional sides, including the World-Cup winning All-Blacks Rugby team.

Believing that merely treating a sports injury is selling a patient short, we always attempt to identify the condition's causes and contributing factors, as our goal is to return the athlete to his/her chosen sport both stronger and more flexible than he/she was prior to their injury.


Of particular benefit to athletes who repeatedly re-injure the same body part, Gold Standard's service also specifically appeals to those with poor movement control (which ultimately hinders performance) and to those who wish to be treated by a Chartered Physiotherapist with deep sporting insights.


As well as possessing a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and tissue healing, our team's Sports Injury skills includes:

- Sport-specific Functional Rehabilitation techniques,

- Individualised Exercise Prescription for rehab/prevention of injury, and

- Sports Massage.

We wholeheartedly welcome male and female athletes of all ages, abilities and conditions, promising to do our utmost to return all to action as soon as is humanly possible.