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CSF™ Fitness Courses


Cardio. Strength. Function.

For All-Round Fitness, these are the Critical Success Factors!

Appreciating this immensely as Chartered Physios in Sports and Exercise Medicine, we devised a unique whole-body course* that’s suitable for (and very much attracts!) men and women of all ages and abilities.

Entitled CSF™, it fuses together "Gold Standard" Cardio, Strength and Functional fitness exercises in a balanced fashion so you can "be at your best".

(*As part of our newly gamified CSF™ Fitness Courses, attendees will now be materially rewarded for their efforts, with hundreds of euros' worth of prizes up for grabs! Check out our Social Media Channels for more!).

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Recently expanded to further enhance your fitness, health and well-being, among the primary aims of our 7-week CSF™ course is to help you: 

Increase your muscle mass and improve bone density, resulting in increased power and strength

+  Boost your mood and energy levels, as well as improving mental focus

+  Improve your mobility, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination

+  Improve your heart and lung health

+  Improve your metabolic and hormonal health

+  Improve your stamina, speed and overall athletic ability

-  Decrease your body fat / keep excess pounds at bay

Improve your sleep and gut health

Decrease your chance of injury

-  Reduce a variety of health risks

+  Have some fun in a welcoming, friendly setting!

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To help achieve the above, the CSF™ programme structure (which reflects the World Health Organisation’s guidelines regarding recommended physical activity) consists of:

i)  14 In-Person Small Group Fitness Classes: 
Approximately 50 minutes in length, these gamified Physio-instructed workouts* presently take place on weekday evenings in our fully equipped Nenagh Gym (E45 C578).

* Note:  If you can’t make one of our In-Person Group Fitness Classes for any reason,

don’t worry, as we’ll provide you with a custom-shot video of the CSF™ class in question, which you can do from home at a time that suits.

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ii)  7 Personal Training Sessions:

Delivered by NSCA-trained Physios via exclusive mobile technology, these workout sessions are customised to your own particular goals, needs and wants.


For example, your private exercise programme can be constructed to be performed in a gym, at home or outdoors, whichever setting you personally prefer.


iii)  Complementary Health Coaching Programme

On a regular basis throughout the 7 weeks, an evidence-based Health Coaching and Management Programme is provided to all CSF™ Course Participants.

Based upon the most reputable, up-to-date guidelines from World Medical Authorities, the all-encompassing programme is delivered via the Gold Standard Physio App™ and the CSF™ WhatsApp Group (through a series of custom-shot webinars, Q&A sessions and digital health content).

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Central to the CSF™ course is leading-edge technology, which includes our:

i)  Body Analysis Machine*
Accurately uncovering a huge number of your personal biometrics at the pre-course testing stage (which provides key information regarding your unique Personal Training requirements); our new, touch-screen composition analysis machine also helps to objectively measure your progress upon completion of the course. (*Use of this machine is optional).

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ii Wearable Performance Monitoring Devices: 
Delivering live performance data (including your heart rate, your heart rate zone and burned calories) to you in-class so you know exactly how you’re doing, world-leading Polar Club sensor technology is utilised to not only eliminate all guesswork but to provide you with even greater motivation to hit your targets!

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iii)  Mobile App Technology
In addition to supplying you with meaningful access to the highly acclaimed Polar Flow App for the duration of the course, you shall also receive access to our sophisticated private members’ App (which has a Top 10 Sector ranking on The App Store). 

Containing advanced Fitness and Nutrition functionality (the former including an exclusive exercise video library, the latter a “Smart” Meal Planner), the Gold Standard Physio App™ (which connects with all of your other favourite Fitness Apps) also includes: 
Personalised Fitness Progress Reports
Health Management tools (including Habit-Building and Accountability features), and 
Individual & Group Physio Messaging functionality, 
amongst much more!

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iv)  Consumer Electronics: 
The likes of extra-large TV screens streaming specialist video content, and digital sound systems that play the class members’ favourite tunes are also utilised to help create a vibrant, positive and happy class atmosphere!

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If you'd like to join our growing CSF™ community...
...please use the below details to book your space!

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Nenagh Clinic: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Kiladangan Clinic: Kiladangan GAA Club, Puckane, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 DN47

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Newport Clinic: Arrabawn Retail Centre, Jail Street, Newport, Co. Tipperary, V94 T327

Tel: 085 - 783 66 33

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