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Lung / Heart Physiotherapy

While it may not necessarily be widely known...

.....Chartered Physiotherapy can play a really major part in helping to rehabilitate those suffering from Lung and Heart problems. 

So, to help those who are unfortunately affected in the Irish Mid-West (and beyond), we’ve launched a new Specialist Respiratory and Cardiac Rehabilitation service.
Benefitting Males and Females of All Ages, and at All Disease Stages (from initial / early diagnosis, through chronic illness, to acute episodes, to palliative care)… 

…among the Conditions we now treat include:

+  Angina

+  Asthma

+  Atelectasis

+  Bronchiectasis

+  Bronchitis



+  Cystic Fibrosis

+  Emphysema

+  Heart Disease

+  Heart Failure

+  Lung Cancer

+  Pneumonia

+  Post Heart Attacks

+  Post Heart Surgery

+  Post Lung Surgery

+  Pulmonary Fibrosis

+  Recurrent Chest Infections

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Delivered with compassion and care by highly experienced Specialist Physiotherapists; this unique private practice service has been carefully honed to help Maximise the Quality of Our Patients’ Lives

To achieve this, our friendly, warm and considerate Practitioners place a clear focus upon:

-  Eliminating / Reducing Your Pain and Discomfort

+  Effectively Managing Your Condition’s Symptoms:

This includes improving the efficiency of your breathing, reducing any mucus build-ups, and decreasing any fatigue.

+  Maximising Your Ability to Successfully Perform Your Daily Activities:

This very much involves helping you to once again do the things you really love.

+  Helping You to Regain / Improve Your Health and Fitness Levels

+  Preventing / Minimising the Deterioration of Your Condition:

Such helps to avoid / reduce the need for future hospital admission.

+  Improving Your Knowledge and Understanding of Your Condition:

This information is delivered with a view to providing you with the tools required to successfully self-manage your condition long into the future.

+  Increasing the Amount of Exercise You can Successfully Perform:

As "Exercise is Medicine", we provide customised fitness programmes that are relatively easy to perform yet are highly effective (such evidence-based programmes are always delivered in an encouraging and supportive fashion).

+  Helping You to Adopt Healthier Behaviours:

Always taking your unique life circumstances into account, this educational service aspect is delivered in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner.

+  Increasing Your Confidence, Independence and Overall Love of Life:

This very much includes those of you who have unfortunately been affected by a life-altering cardiac or respiratory event. 

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To deliver the above, our highly skilled, highly qualified Senior Physios use a variety of "Gold Standard" Treatment Methods. These include:

i)  Best Practice Assessment and Diagnostic Tools:

To ascertain our patients’ individual problems, we initially conduct a comprehensive Assessment. This includes closely examining factors such as one’s Respiratory Function, Breathing Patterns, Respiratory / Skeletal Muscle Function, and Exercise Capacity

Based upon the gathered information, a specialised, evidence-based Therapeutic Plan is devised, one that is tailored not only to the patient’s specific condition but to their unique individual needs and preferences.

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ii)  Specialised Hands-on Techniques:

Always taking our patients’ comfort levels into account, among the techniques we employ to achieve desired outcomes (such as successfully clearing one’s airways) include:

+  Vibration Therapy (here, a flat hand is placed against the patient’s chest, and light pressure is applied), and 

+  Chest Percussion (which is performed with cupped hands that touch the patient’s chest).

+  Soft Tissue Massage is a further hands-on technique we perform (for example, when helping to prevent long-term back problems in patients with breathing difficulties).

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iii)  Leading-edge Medical Technology use

Positive Expiratory Pressure devices (such as PEP face masks / mouthpieces that are specifically designed to clear excess secretions from the lungs, reduce gas trapping, and improve ventilation of the lungs) 

 Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure devices (such as the small, hand-held Aerobika device), and 

 Exclusive, state-of-the-art Mobile App technology...

...are among the Med-Tech products we provide for our patients’ benefit.

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In addition to the above, we also very much use:

iv)  Evidence-Based Breathing Techniques: 

To increase lung expansion, and to help clear secretions from the lungs, Best Practice Breathing Exercises such as the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique and Autogenic Drainage (which is an airway clearance technique that uses controlled breathing and minimal coughing) are used.

Further Breathing Exercises / Positions are also taught to our patients to successfully combat complaints such as shortness of breath.

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v Individualised Therapeutic Exercise Prescription: 

Widely recognised as being of huge value to patients with Cardiorespiratory conditions, fully customised Exercise Programmes with the power to:

+  Optimise your ability to perform your normal daily activities 

+  Reduce your symptoms (such as breathlessness and fatigue)

+  Help clear secretions

+  Stabilise your condition

+  Improve your fitness levels

+  Increase your independence alongside your ability to participate in different activities 

+  Help successfully manage your condition long into the future

+  Improve the overall quality of your life

are provided to our Patients.

These programmes are delivered both:

+  In-person by our Lead Cardiorespiratory Physio, Ciara McDonnell (in our Private Treatment Rooms and our Private Members' Gym), and via:

+  Our Private Patients' Mobile App.

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vi)  Specialist Education and Advice

To increase your understanding of your condition alongside equipping you with the tools required to successfully self-manage it, we provide up-to-date professional advice upon topics such as:

+  Medical Devices:  

Knowledgeable upon all prescribed Inhalers, Nebulisers and Volumatics, we’ll show you the most effective user techniques to ensure you receive maximal benefit from them.

+  Body Positioning:  

As well as providing useful tips upon matters such as Thoracic Mobility / Posture (which is of particular importance when it comes to the prevention of long term back problems in patients with breathing difficulties), we can recommend the best ways to perform Postural Drainage, which assists with the drainage of mucus / phlegm.

+  Bone Health:  

For those who are presently inactive due to their breathing difficulties, or for those using oral steroids, we provide guidance and instruction upon the health of one’s bones.

Personalised Health Management:

Alongside providing specialist advice to help deal with your specific Cardiorespiratory problem, we at Gold Standard offer accompanying Healthcare Management / Lifestyle Consultancy programmes (which are delivered in a positive, understanding and enthusiastic manner).

+  Carers Education:  

In addition to offering advice to our patients, we are available to help educate those who care for them.

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Performed in our modern, private premises in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary (Eircode: E45 C578); patients can receive Lung / Heart Physiotherapy treatment (which is Health Insurance-recognised) without a GP or Consultant referral letter.


If and when appropriate however, our CORU-registered Chartered Physiotherapists will naturally liaise closely with your Doctor, Hospital Consultant and / or other Healthcare Professional to ensure your every need is fully understood and cared for.

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Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Nenagh Clinic: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Kiladangan Clinic: Kiladangan GAA Club, Puckane, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 DN47

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Newport Clinic: Arrabawn Retail Centre, Jail Street, Newport, Co. Tipperary, V94 T327

Tel: 085 - 783 66 33

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