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Exercise, Health & Well-Being

It's perhaps not widely known but as Chartered Physios, we form an essential part of the global “Health Promotion Community”, playing a specialist World Health Organisation-approved role in developing one’s health, fitness and wellness (indeed, when it comes to advising about / prescribing exercise, Physios are considered the world's leading authority).

To truly deliver Gold Standard Exercise, Health and Well-Being Services though, our In-House Team felt the need to complete additional University Undergrad / Master's Degree courses (in key areas such as Physical Education, Sports Performance, and Human Performance Science).

This was all in addition to securing advanced qualifications from global leaders such as the US National Strength and Conditioning Association, the World Confederation for Physiotherapy and the International Federation for Sports PT.

Now possessing extremely high-level know-how, we're delighted to make available the following evidence-based Services (all of which are available both in-person and remotely via The Gold Standard Physio App™):


CSF Fitness Courses

Crafted with precision and care by qualified Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine to significantly improve your overall health, fitness and well-being...

...this unique whole-body course
 fuses together "Gold Standard" Cardio, Strength and Functional exercises in a balanced fashion so you can "be at your best".

Complemented by our feature-rich Mobile App (which has a Top 10 global industry ranking on The App Store) to ensure all your health needs are catered for...

...these popular, fun classes (which are suitable for all ages and abilities) run at regular intervals throughout the year in our Nenagh premises. 

Yoga Class

RENEW Health & Fitness Classes (for Seniors)

An acronym for “𝗥ejuvenating 𝗘xercise in 𝗡enagh 𝗘ach 𝗪eek”, 𝗥𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗪 is a best practice Medical Exercise and Education Programme for those aged 60+ who wish to:


✅  Positively Age (and even Reverse-Age!),


✅  Be “Fit for Life”.



⬇️  Designed to be not only:

✅  Mentally and Physically Restorative but


✅  Fun (for example, prizes are awarded after each class!), and

✅  Sociable (complimentary refreshments, such as specialty coffee, tea, bottled water, fruit and tasty treats are served in our adjoining Cafeteria area after each get-together)…


…the 3 primary components of this Evidence-Based Programme are:

1️⃣    Strength Classes (which are PAYG)

2️⃣    Cardio / Functional Fitness Classes (that are also PAYG), and

3️⃣    FREE Educational Talks / Exercise Demonstrations / Health & Fitness Assessments

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Zone 2 Exercise Classes

A novel, fun, and engaging Exercise Class that’s light to moderate in intensity (one where you’d be able to maintain a conversation throughout - but couldn't sing a song!)…

Gold Standard Zone 2 Training Programme™ has been meticulously designed by Specialists in Sports and Exercise Medicine to benefit everyone.


+  The High Performer wanting to Enhance their Athletic
/ Sporting Capabilities, to

+  The Inactive Person who’s looking to make General Health and Fitness Improvements, to

+  Everyone in-between

...these low-strain yet simultaneously invigorating workout classes specifically unlock the numerous Health and Performance benefits that arise when you exercise in this particular heart-rate zone.


Gold Standard
Personal Training

 For anyone who wants to enjoy exercising as part of a balanced lifestyle...

...the following fitness services (which are not only WHO-compliant but customised to your individual needs and wants) are presently available both On-Site and Online:

Individual / Small Group Training Services

Individual / Group Fitness Tests and Programmes

 Strength and Resistance Training Services

+  Functional Fitness Training Services

+  Cardio Fitness Training Services

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Gold Standard
Health & Well-Being

-  Personalised to your individual requirements, our ever-expanding Health and Well-Being services are designed to maximise the quality of the life you lead.


Service Elements include:

+  All-Encompassing Holistic Health Coaching Plans

Advanced Health Screening / Action Plans

Nutrition & Diet Action Plans

+  Weight Management Plans

Preventative Healthcare Programmes

Evidence-Based Fitness Programmes

Physio Photos (13).png

Gold Standard
Sports Science

Devised for those who wish to fulfill their athletic / sporting potential; this high-tech, high-performance service includes:

+  Best Practice Strength and Conditioning Programmes  

+  Sports-Specific Conditioning Programmes

 Off-Season and Pre-Season Training Plans

Personal / Small Group Training Services

Individual / Group Fitness & Performance Testing

Sport Ability and Safety Assessments

 Bespoke Sports Technology Offerings

Interested in learning more about any of the above?
Please use the following details to contact us!

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Nenagh Clinic: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Kiladangan Clinic: Kiladangan GAA Club, Puckane, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 DN47

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Newport Clinic: Arrabawn Retail Centre, Jail Street, Newport, Co. Tipperary, V94 T327

Tel: 085 - 783 66 33

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