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It’s often said:

Don’t do what’s easy - do what’s right”. 

But what if easy is right?!

A novel, fun, and engaging Exercise Class that’s light to moderate in intensity (one where you’d be able to maintain a conversation throughout - but couldn't sing a song!)…

…the Gold Standard Zone 2 Training Programme™ has been meticulously designed by Experts in Sports and Exercise Medicine to benefit everyone.



+  The High Performer wanting to Enhance their Athletic / Sporting Capabilities, to

+  The Inactive Person who’s looking to make General Health and Fitness Improvements, to

+  Everyone in-between

...these low-strain yet simultaneously invigorating workout classes (which are explained in detail below) specifically unlock the numerous Health and Performance benefits that arise when you exercise in this particular heart-rate zone.

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Welcome to the "Magic Exercise Zone"!

Breakthrough scientific research by world-leading academic institutions and governmental public health agencies shows Zone 2 Training Programmes possess the power to help you:


 Improve your Body Composition:

Our Zone 2™ Classes take place in the optimum fat-burning zone - indeed, they specifically train your body’s ability to use fat for fuel throughout the day!

 Improve your Brain Health:

This includes improving your ability to think, learn, remember and problem-solve, as well as helping to reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Cognitive Decline. 

Improve your Quality of Life:

Bettering not only your present-day life (for example, by boosting your mood and energy levels), this training type is also shown to very much enhance one's future life quality.

+  Improve your Immune System:

Performing Zone 2 Training helps to increase your ability to fight off Bacteria and Viruses whilst also helping to prevent Infections and Diseases.

Improve your Heart Health:

Training in this particular heart-rate zone helps to not only strengthen your Cardiovascular System and lower your Resting Heart Rate but positively re-shape your Heart!

+  Improve your Lung Health:

Among the benefits of undertaking Zone 2 Training is improved Stamina / Aerobic Fitness.

Workout with Fit Ball
Health Benefits
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"This is no snake oil. Moderate Intensity Exercise is a miracle cure."


Pretty Easy to Undertake.

Pretty Hard to Understate.

In addition to the above, Zone 2 Training Programmes are capable of helping you to: 

Improve your Metabolic Health: 

This includes helping to decrease Blood Pressure, as well as helping to improve Insulin Resistance and HDL Cholesterol levels.

Improve your Hormonal Health

Zone 2 Training can help to regulate / increase levels of Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the Brain, which helps one feel mentally healthy.

Reduce a variety of Health Risks:

According to the CDC, this type of training helps to lower the risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, and certain Cancers, as well as the likes of Dementia, Osteopenia / Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Obesity, Clinical Depression and Back Problems.

Increase your overall Life Expectancy:

This is partly achieved by helping to increase the number, function, flexibility, efficiency, and fitness of “Mitochondria” in your body (considered key to a healthier life, Mitochondria are the powerhouse of our body’s cells, amongst much more!). 

Help Manage Pain (particularly those who are unfortunate to suffer from Chronic Pain)

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Further Health Benefits of our ZONE 2™ Class


Furthermore, our Zone 2™ Classes (which are supervised by friendly, helpful and considerate Physiotherapists who specialise in Exercise Prescription) have been specifically crafted to also help you:


+  Improve your Mobility, Flexibility, Agility, Balance and Coordination

+  Increase your Muscle Mass and stimulate Bone Density growth, resulting in Increased Power and Strength

+  Improve your overall Athletic Ability (for example, your Speed!)

-  Decrease your risk of Injury

+  Improve your Circadian Rhythm, and as a result, your Sleep Health

+  Enjoy Non-Punishing yet Highly Effective Exercise (that’s varied, balanced and safe).

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“Zone 2 is the Magic Exercise Zone. It gives you more benefits for less effort. Performing it has changed my life. I just hope you give it a try too.”

Dr. Paddy Barrett - Consultant Cardiologist, Blackrock Clinic

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While it might seem counterintuitive, the science is clear – if you want to Go Faster for Longer, you need to Regularly Train Slow.

An essential, nay, non-negotiable part of any Elite Athlete’s Training Programme (for example, World Class Runners can spend up to 80% of their active training time in this zone)…

…Zone 2 Training also optimises the exercise regimes of amateur / semi-pro Sportspeople, Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts by helping them to train smarter, not harder.

Indeed, when correctly executed / monitored, it is scientifically proven to help deliver not only the aforementioned Health Benefits but Athletic ones such as INCREASING

+  Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness (improving your “VO2 max”)

+  Your Stamina and Endurance levels

+  Your Speed, Strength and Power

+  Your Resilience and ability to Deal with Increasing “Load”

+  Your ability to Recover Faster

+  Your Concentration during Sports Performance / Exercise

Performance Benefits
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What's more, it is also capable of IMPROVING:

+  Your Overall Energy Levels

+  Your Zone 3, 4 and 5 Performance Levels:

For example, it helps you to perform intervals with a shorter rest in-between, and to hit your pace stronger.

+  Your ability to Avoid Stress-related Injuries

+  Your Training Efficiency:

Several studies show it is more time-efficient than alternative training methods in relation to upping VO2 Peak, Time to Exhaustion and Power Output.

+  Your Training Routine:

This is achieved by enabling you to add volume without suffering fatigue or burnout.


In addition to all of such, our purpose-driven Zone 2+™ High Performance Class is calibrated to also help you IMPROVE your:

+  Mobility
+  Flexibility
+  Agility
+  Balance and 
+  Coordination

“Zone 2 Training builds your aerobic engine, but in a way that doesn’t wear the engine down. That way, you can unleash the engine’s full horsepower when needed, like for speedwork in a race, or driving towards goal in a match.”

Alex Viada, C.S.C.S - Author of The Hybrid Athlete

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In what is a welcoming, encouraging and empathetic environment, this unique, evidence-based Exercise Class takes place in our new Nenagh Gym (Eircode: E45 C578).

Underpinned by leading-edge technology (which is detailed below), it balances “Gold Standard” Strength & Resistance, Functional Circuit and Cardio exercises to ensure you receive a stimulating, all-round workout.

Approximately 50 minutes in length, the public can choose from 2 differing Class Types, depending upon their individual fitness levels and goals.

i)  Zone 2: Standard 
The first option is our Standard Zone 2™ Class, which has been developed with the General Population in mind (i.e. Anyone wishing to improve their general health, fitness and well-being). 

Performed at a steady pace that’s neither uncomfortable nor painful (one where you could still have a conversation with someone, but would maybe sound a little breathy!), it is a varied, safe and sustainable exercise class that requires minimal recovery time. 

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Class Details

ii)  Zone 2: Plus  (High Performance):

The second option is called Zone 2+, a modified, augmented class version designed to benefit already-fit Athletes, Sportspeople and Fitness Enthusiasts (i.e. those who are looking to not only further improve their wellness but to make athletic gains, such as those articulated above). 

* Both Class types (which do not differ in price) are led by qualified Healthcare Professionals / Fitness Experts who guide, advise and assist throughout to ensure attendees receive maximum benefit.

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“Life is More Fun if you Play Games!

- Roald Dahl 

Performed simultaneously / side-by-side, both Zone 2 and Zone 2+ Class Participants are set a fun personal challenge – within the allocated class time, try to achieve (as close as you possibly can to) 30 Minutes of Zone 2 Heart-Rate Activity! (Such activity is monitored in-class by world-leading wearable Polar Club technology, which we provide to all attendees). 

And whilst the only competition is ever with "who you were yesterday", playful daily targets in relation to Best Zone Time and Calorie Burn are further set to help motivate those of you who are goal-driven by nature!


Believing admirable attributes like commitment, discipline, and endeavour are worthy of recognition too, we will also be awarding Prizes to both Zone 2 and Zone 2+ participants on a regular basis! Stay tuned to our Social Media Channels for details of such!

+   Wanting it to be an enjoyable, sociable experience, complimentary refreshments are served post-session in our adjoining Cafeteria area.

++  Modern male and female dressing rooms with showers are also available post-session for all class attendees who would like to use them (just ask any of our approachable on-site staff for details!).

You need to exercise like your life depends on it - because it does. If you do 30 minutes of Zone 2 exercise most days, your health will dramatically improve. Firstly, you need to schedule 'Exercise Time'. Being accountable to someone like a fitness instructor is also key."

Dr. Paddy Barrett - Consultant Cardiologist, Blackrock Clinic

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Fundamental to our Zone 2™ Class is leading-edge technology, which includes our:

i)  Wearable Performance Monitoring Devices
Delivering Live Performance Data (including your Heart Rate, Heart Rate Zone, and Burned Calories) to you in-class so you know exactly how you’re going, world-leading Polar Club sensor technology is used to not only eliminate all guesswork but to provide you with even greater motivation to achieve your goals!

Note: Lactate Threshold Tests can also be provided to interested parties, as can individual Body Composition Analysis reports.


ii)  Mobile App Technology
a)  To Class Participants, we provide meaningful access to the highly acclaimed Polar Flow App*, which allows you to track your Gold
Standard Zone 2™ Class training, activity and achievements on the go.

Key Benefits derived from using Polar Flow include an ability to:

+  Get a quick Overview of your Zone 2™ Training, anywhere, at any time

+  Analyse every detail of your Zone 2™ Training Session to help maximise your performance

+  Create your own Training Targets, syncing them to your Device, and getting guidance during your Class Workout

+  See Zone 2™ Class Active Time, Heart Rate Zone Activity, Burned Calories, Steps, and Distance from Steps

+  See your Zone 2™ Training Data with Weekly Calendar Summaries

+  See a full list of all of your past Zone 2™ Training Sessions

+  Receive Guidance on how to reach your Daily Goals.

* To download in advance of attendance, please click here.

b)  Furthermore, you will also receive exclusive access to the Gold Standard Zone 2™ Community Group, where you can:

+  Privately message your Zone 2™ Physio Instructor 

+  Receive relevant Tips and Advice, and 

+  Stay up-to-date with all Class Announcements and Developments!

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iii)  Consumer Electronics: 
Extra-large TV screens streaming live performance data and digital sound systems that play the class members’ favourite songs are among the electronic devices we use to help create a vibrant, positive and good-humoured Zone 2™ class atmosphere!

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Prior to attending your first class, we recommend you download the Polar Flow App:

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