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Injuries We Treat

Possessing the required expertise and experience to assess, diagnose and treat every body partlisted below are the most common Injuries our Physiotherapists treat:

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Head & Neck

+  Headaches

+  Muscle Tension and Tightness

+  Pins and Needles / Numbness

+  Herniated Discs (which are also known as "Bulging", "Protruding" or "Ruptured" Discs)

+  Pinched Nerves

+  Joint Stiffness

+  Ligament Sprains

+  Arthritis of the Neck (which is felt as joint pain, stiffness and swelling)

+  Whiplash

+  Broken / Fractured Necks, Skulls, Cheekbones, Jaws, Noses and Eye Sockets

+  Spondylosis (which is an age-related degenerative condition)

+  Pre and Post-Surgery Issues

Dislocations (such as Jaws)

 Please note we also provide both Mental Health Physiotherapy and Neurological Physiotherapy (for mild to moderate conditions). Please click here to learn more. Thank you so much.


Back / Torso*

+  Muscle Strains and Spasms

+  Shooting Back Pain

+  Pins and Needles / Numbness

+  Bulging Discs

+  Pinched Nerves (i.e. "Neural Impingements")

+  Sciatic Nerve Pain (which can be tingling, a dull ache, or a burning sensation)

 Sprained Joints of the Back

+  Arthritis

+  Spinal Fractures

+  Weak Core / Muscles

+  Osteoarthritis (a.k.a "wear and tear" Arthritis)

 Rheumatoid Arthritis (which is an inflammatory condition)

+  Degenerative Disc Disease

Pre and Post-Surgery Issues

Inflammatory Diseases such as Ankylosing Spondylitis

+  * Numerous "Musculoskeletal" Conditions related to one's Chest, Ribs, Abdomen (Tummy) and Buttocks

Shoulder Treatment


+  Full / Partial Dislocations

+  Fractures

+  AC Joint Strains and Tears

+  Cartilage Tears

+  Arthritis / Wear and Tear

+  Tendonitis (which relates to swollen or "inflamed" tendons) 

+  Tendinopathy (which relates to overused tendons)

 Rotator Cuff Tears and Strains

+  Frozen Shoulders

+  Shoulder Impingement

+  Collar Bone Issues (such as Fractures and Dislocations)

+  Shoulder Blade Complaints

+  Bursitis (which is when small, fluid-filled sacs called bursae become inflamed)

+  Bone Spurs (which are bony lumps that grow on bones around joints)

+  Pre and Post Shoulder Surgery Issues


Arms & Elbows

+  Repetitive Strain Injuries (which are caused by repeated use)

+  Fractures / Breaks

+  Dislocations (Full and Partial)

+  Muscle and Tendon Sprains

+  Nerve Irritation

+  Tendonitis

+  Tennis Elbow

+  Golfer's Elbow

+  Bursitis

+  Pre and Post-Surgery Issues


Wrists & Hands

+  Dislocations (e.g. Wrists and Fingers)

+  Fractures / Breaks (of Wrists, Hands, Thumbs and Fingers)

Sprains (including Wrists and Thumbs)

+  Arthritis / Wear and Tear Injuries

+  Tendonitis

 Complaints such as Mallet Finger, Jersey Finger, Boutonniere Deformity and De Quervain's Syndrome Tenosynovitis

+  Pre and Post-Surgery Issues



+  "Snapping" or "Clicking" Hips

+  Weak Buttocks / Glutes (i.e. "Gluteal Muscles")

+  Hip Fractures

+  Pre and Post-Hip Surgery Issues

+  Cartilage Issues Pain


+  Rheumatoid Arthritis

+  Referred Pain that's felt in the Hip





Upper Legs

+  Hip Flexor / Thigh Strains

+  Groin Strains ("Adductor Tendinopathy")

+  "Quad" Strains

+  "Dead Legs"

+  Quadriceps Tendon Injuries

+  Hamstring Strains

+  Nerve Injuries (which can be felt in the Thigh as burning sensations, pins and needles or numbness)

Muscle Weakness

+  Bursitis

Inguinal Hernia (which is located over the Groin)

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (which relates to an irritated / swollen tendon)



 ACL Injuries (i.e. the Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

MCL Injuries (i.e. the Medial Collateral Ligament)

+  LCL Injuries (i.e. the Lateral Collateral Ligament)

+  Dislocated Knees / Kneecaps

Jumper's Knee (i.e. "Patellar Tendonitis")

+  Cartilage / Meniscus Tears

+  Pre and Post Knee Surgery Issues

Osteoarthritis / Wear and Tear

Runners Knee


Lower Legs

+  Calf Strains

+  Shin Splints

+  Lower Leg Fractures (both Shin-bone and Calf-bone)

+  Bone Bruising

+  Syndromes like Anterior Compartment Syndrome and Deep Posterior Compartment Syndrome

Muscle Weaknesses and Cramps

+  Pre and Post Leg Surgery Issues

Foot Massage

Ankles & Feet

+  Sprained Ankles

+  Ankle Dislocations

+  Fractures / Breaks

+  Heel Pain

+  Achilles Tears 

+  Achilles Tendinopathy

+  Weak Ankles / Ankle Instability

+  Pre and Post Ankle Surgery Issues 

+  Flat Feet / Fallen Arches

 "Plantar Fasciitis" (which is pain on the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch)

+  Gait (i.e. Walking Pattern) Dysfunction / Limps 

+  Painful Soles

+  Bunions

+  Foot Drop

Club Foot

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Chest / Lungs / Heart

 Specifically provided by highly experienced Senior Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapists, this unique private practice service treats all manner of issues related to one's Lung and Circulatory system (which consists of one's heart, arteries, veins and blood).

For further details, please visit this page and / or reach out to us.


Thank you for considering us!

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Female Specific

 Coming Soon to Gold Standard is our new Women's Health Physiotherapy service.


Performed by female Chartered Physiotherapists who are Clinical Specialists in Women's Health, treatment plans include those for:

Pelvic Floor Pain

Prenatal and Postpartum Musculoskeletal Pain

+  Bladder Control Issues

Bowel Control Issues



Perineal Pain

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Interested in learning more about any of the above?
Please use the following details to contact us!

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Nenagh Clinic: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Kiladangan Clinic: Kiladangan GAA Club, Puckane, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 DN47

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Newport Clinic: Arrabawn Retail Centre, Jail Street, Newport, Co. Tipperary, V94 T327

Tel: 085 - 783 66 33

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