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📢  Back due to popular demand...

⬇️  ...this 12 Class Exercise Course combines "Gold Standard"

✅  Strength & Resistance

✅  Cardio and

✅  Functional Fitness Exercises

to ensure All-Round Fitness Gains are made!






✅  Designed by Specialists in Exercise Management (who utilise the most successful, safe and up-to-date methods)


✅  Light to moderate in intensity (one where you’d be able to maintain a conversation throughout - but couldn't sing a song!)


✅  Fun and sociable (with refreshments served / prizes on offer!)


✅  Suitable for ALL Ages and Abilities (with it being tailored to each participant’s unique health and fitness needs)


✅  Monitored by pioneering Health Technology


✅  Using Top-of-the-range Fitness Equipment


✅  Guided by CORU-registered Chartered Physiotherapists


✅  Performed in a welcoming, positive and supportive environment






✅  Start Date:  Monday, 27th of May, 2024


✅  Time:  7 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings


✅  Location: Our Nenagh Clinic's Indoor Exercise Area: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578


✅  Duration: Circa 45 minutes




ℹ️   Please note Spaces are Limited and Pre-Booking is Required ðŸ‘

4 Week "Fit Hit" Exercise Course

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