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Now Running Exercise Classes @ 7 a.m. on Weekday Mornings!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

It's often said:

“Don’t do what’s easy - do what’s right”.

But what if easy is right?!



A novel, fun, and engaging Exercise Class that’s light to moderate in intensity (one where you’d be able to maintain a conversation throughout - but couldn't sing a song!)…

…the Gold Standard Zone 2 Training Programme™ has been meticulously designed by Specialists in Sports and Exercise Medicine to beneFIT everyone.


+ The High Performer wanting to Enhance their Athletic / Sporting Capabilities, to

+ The Inactive Person who’s looking to make General Health and Fitness Improvements, to

+ Everyone in-between(!)…

..these low-strain yet simultaneously invigorating Workout Classes specifically unlock the numerous Health and Performance Benefits that arise when you exercise in this particular heart-rate zone.



In what is a welcoming, encouraging and empathetic environment; these unique, evidence-based Exercise Classes take place in our new Nenagh Gym (Eircode: E45 C578) week-day mornings at 7 am.

Underpinned by leading-edge Technology, it balances “Gold Standard” Strength & Resistance, Cardio, and Functional Circuit exercises to ensure you receive a stimulating, all-round workout.

Approximately 50 minutes in length, the public can choose from 2 differing Class Types, depending upon their individual fitness levels and goals.

1) The first option is our Standard Zone 2™ Class, which has been developed with the General Population in mind (i.e. Anyone wishing to improve their general health, fitness and well-being).

2) The second option is called Zone 2+, a modified, augmented class version designed to benefit already-fit Athletes, Sportspeople and Fitness Enthusiasts.


To learn more about:

+ Both of these Class Types

+ The Health Benefits of Zone 2 Training

+ The Athletic / Sporting Benefits of Zone 2 Training

+ The Technology behind our Zone 2™ Classes

+ The Sociable, Fun Elements of our Classes,

please visit:

+ To book your spot, please visit:

Alternatively, you can reserve your Zone 2™ Class space by contacting us at:

+ T: 085 783 6633

+ E:

Hopefully we’ll see you very soon for some good healthy fun!


Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Nenagh Clinic: Lisbunny, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. E45 C578

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Kiladangan Clinic: Kiladangan GAA Club, Puckane, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 DN47

Gold Standard Physiotherapy - Newport Clinic: Arrabawn Retail Centre, Jail Street, Newport, Co. Tipperary, V94 T327

Tel: 085 - 783 66 33

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